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This patient was unhappy with the size and wear on his teeth. Traditional crowns would not be able to hold up to his tooth grinding so we used full Zirconia (a very hard solid piece of glass that is custom milled at our lab) to create his crowns and improve his esthetics while being stong enough to hold up to his heavy bite.


This patient had trauma to two upper front teeth that became darker over time. Crowns were placed to protect them and improve the esthetics.


This patient had a front tooth that had fractured and had an old composite filling. We crowned the toothe using an EMAX crown for improved esthetics. It is a crown made of extrememly hard glass that is designed and cut with the assistance of a computer and then painted with porcelain for a custom match.



This is a case shown in progress. He had lost his lower back teeth many years ago and has had implants placed. You can also see heavy enamel chipping on his front teeth. Bonding was done to improve the esthetics. Temporary crowns were placed on the implants to establish a new bite. Further treatment is planned to complete this full mouth rehabilitation.